Scratch Card Gameplay Guide

When you take a look at the instant games section of an online casino, scratch cards are definitely among the games you will find. This article will explain the game's gameplay. Visit to learn about casino bonuses.

Basic Rules of Scratch Cards

To learn how the game works, you need to first understand the basic rules, and they are pretty simple. You are simply required to match icons or prizes on the scratch card horizontally or vertically.

As the name of the game suggests, a scratch card is played by scratching the hidden surfaces of a card in order to reveal the prize that you win. Most scratch cards are 3×3 matrix.

Playing the Game Online

Online scratch cards have the same gameplay as the physical version. The difference is that you cannot actually touch the online scratch cards or scratch them with your fingers, as they are played via desktop or mobile devices.

To scratch off the surface of the cards in online scratch cards, all you need to do is click on the with your mouse or tap on them if you are playing on your desktop computer.

Payouts in Scratch Cards

In the physical version of the game, what you see is what you win. This means that any prize you successfully line up horizontally or vertically is yours to keep as winnings from the game.

  • You need to line icons horizontally or vertically to win
  • What you line up is what you win

In some of the online versions, the icons in the scratch cards represent other prizes. There is a paytable usually included in the game where you can find what the prizes associated with the icons are.

Free Scratch Card Games

One of the good things about online betting sites is that they feature free versions of games. You can play free scratch cards to understand the rules and practice the gameplay before trying it out for real money.

With the free scratch card games, you can also test strategies that other pro players use and perfect them. By the time you apply these strategies in the real money versions, you can improve your winning chances.

Choosing Real Money Scratch Cards Casinos

When choosing a real money scratch card online casino, make sure you consider the licence of the betting site and read reviews about it to know if it is trusted among players in the iGaming industry.

In addition to that, take a look at the promotions you can claim for scratch cards, the payment methods supported for funding and receiving winnings as well as the overall customer service of the betting site.